SAA Certification

 Australian Electrical Approvals

Australia has one of the highest standards of electrical in the world, which is for good reason as our electrical systems run 240-260v. Australian law lists 240-260v pendant lights, chandeliers & wall sconce electrical components in prescribed electrical items that require all electrical components to be Australian certified, approved and stamped with compliance numbers before going on sale to the Australian & New Zealand public & trade.

Most overseas and even some Australian supplies do not comply with Australian standards and as a consumer it is important to be aware of this. If a chandeliers electrical is not certified & stamped with approval numbers it may cause electrical shock or fire and likely void both company & personal insurance policies. Simply put if a prescribed electrical item is not individually tested, stamped and certified by an Australian governing body as required by Australian law, it should not be purchased under any circumstances.

Designer Chandelier Australia is a leader in the chandelier supply industry, we have been supplying residential & commercial chandeliers in Australia for over 15 years. All of our chandeliers electricals are individually certified and stamped by Australia's leading electrical certification body SAA Australia.

 Designer Chandeliers SAA Approval numbers are listed below. 

SAA Certification 131461EA

SAA Certification 160144EA


Australian Approvals SAA