Due to the ornate nature of Crystal and Frame Components, all our Chandeliers are shipped in kit form or are partially assembled. 
This is to ensure a trouble free delivery to your door nationwide. Should you need assistance with regards to the different styles we offer, please contact our Sales staff to assist you further. 


All our Chandeliers are supplied with free Incandescent type light bulbs. These are primarily supplied to assist your electrician with installing your lights successfully on the day. We don't recommend using them for long periods of time as they are more costly to run per hour and can be temperamental to power surges. We would suggest purchasing either Halogen or LED type light bulbs for greater reliability and energy consumption economy. These can be purchased by asking our friendly sales team or adding the extra bulbs to your cart.





When choosing a suitable size chandelier, it is important to consider your ceiling heights. In walkway areas your ceiling heights may restrict the size and style of chandelier you can select, however there is far less consideration for ceiling heights when the selected chandelier is being installed over dining tables, coffee tables, kitchen island benches & over beds.  When installing a chandelier in a lower height ceiling & you plan to walk directly under it, it may be more suited to select a flush mounted style.


Width of your chandelier always comes down to personal taste, however we suggest not to be too conservative in the width and always remember crystal chandeliers were not made to be conservative or just to simply blend into an environment. The whole purpose of your crystal chandelier is to make a real WOW factor and stand out as a serious feature for the area.

As an example, if your area is approx. 5m x 6m with 3m ceilings, a suitable size chandelier might have a width of 70cm to 100cm and a height of 60cm to 90cm.

And if your area is approx. 3m x 4m with 2.4m ceilings, a suitable chandelier width might be 40cm to 65cm and a flush mount chandelier is advisable unless it will be hanging over a table or bed.

Many of our installed gallery photo's go beyond the generic size guide to create such statements. 


When installing a chandelier or pendant in an area that you are planning to walk directly under, it is recommended to have a clearance height from the ground to the very bottom crystal on the chandelier between 200cm - 210cm.   

Example: If you have a ceiling height of 2.7m it is recommended to select a chandelier that has a maximum height /drop from the ceiling of between 60cm - 70cm (inclusive of the minimum suspension for non-direct/flush mount chandeliers) 


If you are installing your chandelier or pendant over a kitchen island, dining table, coffee table or over a bed you can select a longer chandelier to create more impact.  The below formula is recommended and provides both a balanced look and the practicality of the ability to see clearly across the table when seated.  

Measure the distance from the top of the Table/Bench/Bed to the ceiling, then divide that by 2 = The desired height for the bottom of the chandelier to finish. 

Example: If you have a table height of 80cm and you measure from the tabletop to the ceiling of 1.9m it would mean you can select a chandelier that has a maximum height of 95cm (inclusive of the minimum suspension for non-flush mount chandeliers)



While all crystal chandeliers are fragile in nature and do require assembly during installation, our collections have been refined in Australia for over 15 years to meet the best balance between ensuring ease of assembly and still providing piece of mind with our Safe Arrival Australia wide guarantee. Installation should be performed by qualified electrical contractors (local electricians) Our expert staff are always happy to provide assistance to your qualified installers if ever required.