New Chandeliers for 2018

In 2018 we are excited to present our latest designer chandeliers to the Australian market.  We have been working with NewYork Lighting Distribution & Crystocia for many months developing our exclusive new release collections for 2018. 
These  collections include:
NewYork Empress - Basket Chandelier - Chrome - Width: 75cm 
NewYork Empress Basket Chandeliers -  A spectacular new take on a timeless classical  chandelier.  The NewYork Empress collection is available in several sizes with your choice of clear crystal with Gold & Chrome frames. The perfect choice for adding timeless elegance in lounge rooms, dinning, bedroom, library and void areas.
NewYork Oasis Spiral Chandelier - Chrome - Width: 60cm
NewYork Oasis Chandeliers -  Designed with luxurious interiors and modern void areas in mind, the NewYork Oasis Spiral Chandeliers create sophisticated elegance with the perfect blend of deco & modern architecture. Available in three sizes suitable for entrance halls, dinning rooms & staircases.  Clear crystal with Chrome & Gold frames to select from.
More designs to be announced early February 2018. 
  • Daniel Feldman

Our interstate customers.

We have a constant flow of customers from all states of Australia coming to visit us. We are never surprised when customers enter our showroom and tell us they have flown to Melbourne just to see our exclusive Chandelier display. They had wanted to purchase on line but preferred to see our display up close and personal.

Our customers range from within Australia to New Zealand to the UK and as far as the US. We will ship anywhere with insurance so you are assured it will arrive in good order.

A reminder to all customers and to those who are returning interstate customers our showroom is now open 6 days a week.

Mon-Fri 10.00am to 6.00pm and Saturday 10.00am- 4.00pm.

Also, we will ship Australia wide on a complimentary basis. Yes no matter how many chandeliers and where ever you may be in Australia.

So if you are only thinking of coming to see us, make the trip as many do and for good reason, enjoy a weekday/weekend in Melbourne and come in and say hello. We are located on the ground floor of the famous Eureka Tower in Southbank Melbourne. 



  • Daniel Feldman

Making an impact with a lower ceiling

Making an impact with your Pendant Chandeliers in a small space or lower ceiling such as 2.4 metres

Hang Pendants a little different by hanging a few Pendants at different Lengths for maximum impact.

By using different sized Pendants or the same size will give the same unique effect, make it your own.

Not much room for a chandelier or wanting to make a different statement.

Pendants can be used in almost every room and double them at different heights for a unique style.

Above a kitchen table, double up your pendants so you don’t take away from the room.

Above a kitchen bench that might be a smaller bench or you may have a ceiling at 2.4/2.7 but you would like to create an amazing effect.

Double up your pendants in the centre of the bench at different lengths.

A Small room can take 2 or 3 pendants hung at different lengths to give your small lounge that wow factor without being too much.

Pendants are well priced and certainly don’t break any budget.

Double up Pendants in Bedrooms, Bathrooms and a study or even a small entrance.

Double up your pendants to give any room a lot of sparkle at a small price.

Modular Crystal Pendant - Round 13cm by 25cm


Modular Single Light Pendant - Round - Height 25cm - Chrome Fixtures

Priced at only $259.00- 25%=$194.25

Double up our Modular Pendant Round Chandelier over a kitchen bench and see how quickly a kitchen can be transformed with very little effort.

  • Daniel Feldman

What makes Designer Chandelier market leaders?

Why we are so trusted as Australia’s Leading Crystal Chandelier supplier to private homes, commercial business and to leading builders?

Designer Chandelier™ is Australia's leading crystal chandelier supplier & sole agents for World famous CRYSTOCIA chandeliers. We display over 350 world leading exclusive product ranges, and warehouse over 10,000 premium quality chandeliers here in Australia. Our unsurpassed dedication and ability to have all of our exclusive ranges (and clients bespoke designs) custom made to clients exact specifications has seen us complete over 1500 residential and commercial projects per year including Australia's top brands like L'Oreal, Myer, Target, Angus & Coote, Hardy Brothers & Crown to name a few.

Our Quality Chandeliers are in stock NOW…no you don’t need to wait for your stock item.

Custom made orders are 10-12 week lead time.

Another reason why our product is superior.

Our quality Diamond Cut Full Lead crystal has a lifetime guarantee.

Our frames and electrical have a 5 year warranty direct with us.

Our exclusive designs are some of the best available worldwide and offered at direct prices to the Australian public & trade.

We would not be able to offer such guarantees without having a superior product. We do not have any Glass-Plastic or Low in our chandeliers

Our experienced staff will explain the Chandeliers to you. Any questions you may have and help you with house plans and interiors.

Buying a Chandelier from a trusted Chandelier specialist supplier ensures you are getting not only value for money as we are able to keep our prices at a minimum but also you are getting a superior product in full diamond cut crystal with Swarovski Elements available on request.

  • Daniel Feldman

So you need Lighting?

The new house has just about finished or the renovation is just coming to fruition. Oh no... the LIGHTS!!!!

Oh no... the budget!!!

Why do we complete a beautiful home yet we don’t spend much time on the lighting or we skimp on lighting as the budget won’t allow us to go a little further.

When choosing lighting for our new home the lighting should reflect your room’s best features. Lighting is even more important than carpets/flooring/curtains. Without the right lighting you won’t feel you have achieved the look you want or were trying to encapsulate.

Lighting tends never to be changed, so why choose anything less than your home needs to bring out its best features. If you stay in your new home for even 10 years, 10 years’ worth of lighting that may cost around $5,000 for the whole house works out to $500 a year that lighting has cost you.

Come in and see us with your floor plans, show us your pictures of the new renovation on your phone. Show us your new kitchen. No room is more important than a new kitchen. Kitchens need great lighting not just simple lighting. Kitchens are the heart of the home make it so with pendants of crystal over the bench no just boring old downlights.

We can help you. We will work within your budget.

You may want one chandelier as a statement or one just to enhance that new renovation or you may choose lighting for the whole house. Whatever the reason you will find what you are looking for and you will admire your Chandeliers for a long time to come. Trends come and go but Chandeliers don’t date and are always on trend with any style of home.

  • Daniel Feldman

What's hot in the bedroom?


Bedside lamps our out and pendants and wall sconces are in.

Pendants and wall sconces add a very different feel to your bedroom and enhance the room and leave your bedside table free of clutter.

Long pendants on either sides of the bed that match your décor are neat in appearance and practical. The Length of the pendants will depend on your ceiling height, your bedroom furniture and whether they are being used as an added feature for the room or reading lights. You may also place your pendants in a little further from each side of the bedhead.

Wall Sconces beside the bedhead.

Wall sconces on either side of the bedhead will leave the room with warmth and softness added to your bedroom. Wall Sconces in the bedroom allow for easy access to lighting, whilst leaving your bedside side free from lamps-that can take away the look you are trying to create.

Unlike bedside lamps, Pendants and wall sconces will not protrude into the room but will work in well with décor and are set in the background of your bedroom scene.

    • Daniel Feldman