How to Identify A Quality Chandelier

With so many low quality imported chandeliers flooded throughout the Australian market it is very hard to pick the difference when purchasing online, however there truly is a substantial difference when viewing a quality chandelier next to a low quality chandelier. This article is aimed at teaching our valued clients the most important things to look for when purchasing a crystal chandelier online or in a showroom to ensure you are getting that devine statement that you are looking for, and not some low quality imitation that will only bring your room down, after all the light fitting is the first thing you see when you walk into any room so you want to make sure it looks like a million dollars.

Important things to look for when purchasing a crystal chandeliers.


Purchasing a chandelier that is manufactured by a reputable brand is a very good way of ensuring that the quality of your item has had years of research and development placed into making sure every detail of your glorious chandelier is finished to perfection.


Crystal quality is one of the most important factors in ensuring your crystal chandelier will have the wow factor you set out for. The reason for this is a high quality crystal (full lead hand cut) will have diamond like refraction of light and colour VS low grades of  imported crystals will look glazed and dull with minimal sparkle and colour giving the effect that the crystals are glass or just very dirty.  It truly is the difference between viewing a piece of glass and a hand cut diamond, every ones eye is drawn to the diamond for its brilliance and not the glass. The best way to tell if a crystal will be of high quality is to find out the lead content and if the crystal is hand cut, laser cut or moulded. Hand & Laser cut full lead crystals are of very high quality, however moulded or low lead content crystal is of lower qualities. The crystal brands that we at Designer Chandelier Australia trust and recommend are listed below. If you purchase a chandelier dressed in crystal from one of these manufactures we guarantee the crystal on your chandelier will be divine.  Swarovski®  Diamond Cut®  Asfour®  Preciosa®  Imperial®  Elements®


Warranty is a really good reflection on how manufactures view the quality of their products. We suggest looking for chandeliers with a minimum of 5 years warranty to ensure the manufactures confidence. 

Sellers Confidence 

Finally we suggest you purchase your chandelier from a reputable company that will prove their confidence by offering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 100% Guaranteed Safe Delivery & No restocking fees.