Warm it up: Warmer tones capture attention of Interior Designers


The insider scoop is greys and whites are out, in favour of warmer browns and more earthy tones. With that comes an reoccurring love affair with brass, bronze and smoked home and commercial lighting fixtures.


This winter has been particularly cold and when it’s cold we love nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch – and while the skeptics may think of interiors that feature brown as a throwback to 70’s, in fact rediscovering how browns can be a great way of creating layering and depth to your home is crucial for those considering a renovation in 2018-2019.


A traditional material for lighting, brass is more yellowy and golden than Bronze. Brass can be a great accent to pop against brightly coloured furniture or in the case of browns can become more of a feature against a blend of complimentary and muted tones. Rich and Luxurious Chandelier and Lighting Collections in a Brass finish are the Aria Hampton, Americana, Bohemian Prague, and Florence Basket Chandeliers.


Bronze can be either light or dark for a rich warm finish. Darker Bronze can be more suitable for achieving an industrial look and can really set the trend. More modern in appearance than a brass finish. For Bronze and Copper Chandelier Lighting Collections, search Hampton Orb, Aria Hampton, Americana, French Basket, and Regency.


Smoke is new age popular and a move away from a traditional clear look. A relatively new look for lighting, Smoke captures the essence of burned wood  and many other accents. Search ‘Smoke’ for Chandeliers with a smoked frame and Smoked Crystal Chandeliers like the Maria Theresa, Infinity, Empress, Designer Princess, and Oasis Chandelier Collections.


Seen here a charming and inviting way to style your home, The Hampton Orb in a Dark Bronze finish as the main overhead lighting with contemporary sofas and luxe finishes.