Sole Agents for World Famous Crystocia Chandeliers

World Renowned for Exceptional Quality

Choosing the right chandelier for your property can be a daunting process. There are hundreds of styles available, spanning eras dating back to the 1700s. Therefore it is only natural to feel overwhelmed when you have to consider the quality of the glass, chandelier size, workmanship and construction, finish, number of lights, shape and colour amongst many other factors to find the perfect fit for your property.

Diamond Cut Crystals

At Designer Chandeliers, your task is made easier as we offer an extensive range of high quality chandeliers in a myriad of styles. As well as the famous Swarovski crystal range, you’ll find an equally stunning selection that promises similarly exceptional quality and appearance, known as Diamond Cut®.

Proclaimed to be alike in appearance to Swarovski crystals by industry experts, The Diamond Cut crystal is a stunning full leaded crystal that is cut to absolute precision. The difference you’ll find between the Diamond Cut and Swarovski crystals lie in price, where the Diamond Cut range is more affordable, offering excellent value for money. It is perfect for those working within a budget to acquire a chandelier that delivers quality and elegance.

Besides offering these outstanding crystals from the world’s most reputable manufacturers, Designer Chandeliers are also the sole agents for another well-known name in the chandelier industry - Crystocia.

The Allure of Crystocia

Recognised globally as leaders in the trade, Crystocia are known for crafting high quality chandeliers that are unmatched, cultivated, and refined over years of dedication and expertise. Their pieces showcase a work of relentless passion, delivering unique, quality crystal chandeliers made with one of the finest crystals in the market - the Diamond Cut crystals.

Quality Workmanship

The workmanship and dedication to quality truly sets Crystocia apart from other chandelier designers & manufacturers in the industry. Its increasing popularity and success is apparent in its exponential growth. When Cyrstocia first started manufacturing chandeliers, no more than 100 crystal chandeliers were custom made per year. Now, they boast over 400 product lines and are producing in excess of 4,000 crystal chandeliers every year. Furthermore, Crystocia chandeliers are now exported to countries all over the world.

European Design

Sophisticated European designs and luxurious classic styles are trademarks of Crystocia creations; additionally, tailor-made designs are accepted to accommodate to each individual’s needs. The high quality crystals are sourced from Czech Republic, Austria, Egypt, Italy, Spain and China for all Crystocia pieces and they are crafted using European techniques in the PRC. Furthermore, Czech designs and world leading crystal components combine to achieve a world class chandelier at an unbeatable price.

Designer Chandelier – Sole Agents for Crystocia

Crystocia chandeliers will bring an air of opulence to your home and make for a breathtaking spectacle when you have guests over. They promise excellent quality while still being affordable, making them the ultimate choice that ticks all the right boxes. Browse our range to find your perfect piece, otherwise enquire with us if you need custom-made Crystocia chandeliers to suit your exact specifications. As we are the proud sole agents for Crystocia, we’re your go-to people for all your premium chandeliers needs in Australia.