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Designer Chandelier is Australia's leading crystal chandelier retailer and sole agents for the world renowned CRYSTOCIA chandeliers. Having worked alongside big names like Myer, Target and L’Oreal – amongst many others – we have completed an excess of 1,500 commercial and residential projects all over Australia each year.

At Designer Chandelier, we work closely with our valued clients to achieve stunning chandeliers that are second to none. With years of experience, we have unparalleled knowledge to assist in creating your own bespoke designs. Your designs can be custom made to your exact specifications including size, colour and crystal grade.

As we complete more than fifteen custom projects per week in Australia for commercial and residential clients, you can be assured that we make the process simple and seamless for our respected clients. We thrive on delivering a premium product, on time and to budget, every time.


Our chandeliers are made with Diamond Cut crystals and Swarovski crystals. Full leaded and cut to precision, Diamond Cut crystals have been proclaimed by crystal experts to be equal in appearance to the Swarovski variety, therefore offering greater value for money with its affordable price. Diamond Cut crystals are used in all Crystocia chandeliers and are a finer, far more superior choice compared to generic lighting store crystals.


Swarovski Crystal is recognised as the world leader in crystal manufacturing. Offering a lead free Spectra crystal and full 33% leaded crystal called Swarovski Elements, Swarovski crystals are a class above and laser cut to perfection. At Designer Chandelier Australia, we have been working with Swarovski crystal for many years and can offer all of our exclusive ranges in Swarovski Elements or Spectra crystals on request. All of our custom chandeliers and lighting are supplied with full CAD drawings for quotes, fixed pricing and a guaranteed completion date prior to production commencement.

Our corporate showroom is located at 195-197 Melbourne Rd, North Geelong Victoria 3215. Come in to view over 350 world leading crystal chandelier on display. For more information, please call us on 1300 890 225.


Designer Chandelier stock a wide range of chandeliers in a variety of styles. Covering period pieces right through to the contemporary styles of today, our chandeliers will cast a glamourous aura on your décor.

Browse our range to find stunning pieces from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Provincial, Art Deco, Traditional and Modern Styles.

Georgian Era

The years 1714 to 1837 marked the Georgian Era in British history, where the first four Hanoverian Kings ruled Great Britain. The style is defined by a fusion of French elegance and Gothic styles.

Emphasising quality furniture and fittings, Georgian chandeliers are identified by clean symmetrical lines and a hint of the orient, producing a look that is luxurious, romantic and uncluttered.

Georgian chandeliers look elegant in spacious hallways, making it a wonderful fixture for your home or business. Find your perfect piece now at Designer Chandeliers!

Victorian Era

The Victorian era covers 1837 to 1901, during the reign of Queen Victoria in England. The Victorian Age included a variety of revival styles and sub styles that characterised most nineteenth century lighting. Therefore, there is no one true Victorian style, but it is noted that the French influence was most prevalent in this era of lighting.

Typically, a Victorian chandelier features classic lines with a sense of old world elegance, making them an excellent choice to fit a range of décor. Take a look at our excellent selection of Victorian chandeliers – our varied range means that you are certain to find the perfect Victorian chandelier to fit your décor.

French Provincial

Dating back to the 17th and 18th century, the French provincial style was prevalent in French country provinces like Bordeaux, Brittany, Normandy and Provence. French provincial furniture offers a sense of understated glamour, free of over-the-top embellishment and instead focusing on elegant design. Provincial lighting therefore evokes an elegant country feel while providing a soft glow that can be easily integrated to any style of home décor.

Browse our range to find a collection of beautiful provincial chandeliers. Our sophisticated pieces will leave you spoilt for choice!

Art Deco

The Art Deco period was born in the 1920s and flourished in the 1930s. It is described as an eclectic style that celebrated design, architecture, and art, combining traditional craft motifs with machine age imagery and materials. Art Deco furniture is rendered by rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation.

Art Deco chandeliers are designed in that same theme, providing an intriguing artistic feature that will certainly draw attention. It is best suited to contemporary homes or quirky retro interiors. You will find an outstanding selection here at Design Chandeliers that will delight and impress.


Designer Chandeliers offer an eclectic selection of morden chandelier that will take your breath away. New shapes and cleverly designed pieces provide an alluring appeal to our modern chandeliers, making them a perfect focal point to any room. Give your home or business a stylish designer edge with our finely crafted pieces. We are sure that you’ll create the ambiance and design statement you are looking for with stunning pieces from our extensive range.


We offer an extensive range of traditional chandeliers here at Designer Chandeliers. It is one of our most popular styles as they offer classic elegant designs to suit a variety of home décor and businesses.

Perfect for modern and period style homes, they are also a great fit for restaurants, hotels, theatres and galleries. Let the luxurious illumination wow your patrons and clients, creating a sense of magnificence to your interiors.

Our traditional chandeliers come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Furthermore, we are at hand to provide assistance if you need help in selecting the perfect piece for your needs. Take a look at our selection today!