Elite Entrances: Grand Chandeliers for making an impact

Elite Entrances: Grand Chandeliers for making an impact

Designer Chandelier is a specialty retailer in the bigger, grander, more exceptional crystal chandeliers on the Australian lighting market. With a dedicated wing of our business purely focusing on providing every exclusivity in custom lighting design. Our range of crystal chandeliers in Diamond Cut, Asfour, Swarovski Spectra, and Swarovski Elements feature as the centerpiece of many of Australia’s most elite homes and million dollar mansions.


The sophisticated interior design of this entrance, featuring our Odeon Oasis in an 11-layer chandelier is the ultimate reflection of the best in modern and luxury interior design.


Everything from the artistic furniture to the designer lighting is married together to create the ultimate wow factor.


Shape is a clear design element here. From the ground to the ceiling, the entrance is left uncluttered and allows the heroes of the room, the chandelier and sculpture piece to stand their own, exploring their curves and spirals with intrigue and mystery.


The Odeon Oasis is perfect to suit the rounded architectural quality of the space. The textured quality of the layers of crystal prisms ensure solidness of the crystalline glow which appears voluminous, again reflecting the richness of the home.


Another element is how crystal chandeliers, and in particular the modern style of the Odeon Oasis creates presence and adds depth to this home's entrance. As an age old style of home lighting, crystal chandeliers tell a captivating story in a way that separates them for other lighting forms, never appearing dated or out of style.


Become inspired by our designer and custom lighting to elevate the entrance of your home.

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  • Daniel Feldman