Designer Chandelier Warehouse Expansion

Warehouse Expansion - Stocking Over 10,000 Premium Crystocia Chandeliers

More styles, more choices, better service!

Coming up hot on the heels of the recent establishment of our flagship showroom at the iconic Eureka Tower, we’re excited to spill the beans on yet another exciting announcement!

Designer Chandeliers is proud to reveal that our warehouse has undergone an expansion. Now stocking more than 10,000 premium Crystocia chandeliers, we’re thrilled to be able to provide our customers with even more variety to find the perfect style to suit their interior design and fit out needs.

Sole Agents that Provide an Extensive Collection

As we are the sole agents for the famed Crystocia chandeliers in Australia, we want to ensure that our customers are presented with the most comprehensive and current range. We pride ourselves on our relentless dedication to outstanding customer service, which is why we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our services as well as product range. Your experience with us is of utmost importance, and we are truly passionate about delivering the best in all aspects, helping you realise your vision of the perfect chandelier for your unique needs.

Crystocia Chandeliers

Crystocia chandeliers are constructed with one of the world’s finest crystals - the Diamond Cut crystals – which give them a quality and superiority that dazzles and delights. The crystals are sourced from Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Egypt, Spain and China for all of Crystocia pieces and crafted using European techniques honed from generations of skilled craftsmen. Those looking for a distinctively luxurious piece will love the Crystocia collection, each crafted in classic designs as well as sophisticated European styles.

An Expansion of Variety and Service

To accompany our warehouse expansion, we’ve revamped our services to match the upgrade of our product lines. You will experience faster delivery times when you order from us and in the event that you require any spare parts for your chandeliers, you can trust that we have it here in stock at our warehouse. We want to ensure that you receive the best service and products possible, so we always strive to do our best.

Visit our flagship showroom at the Eureka Towers today to find your perfect chandeliers. And if you require any help or advice, speak to our friendly team members who are always happy to provide guidance. Discover a world of brilliance at Designer Chandeliers today!