4 Steps That Will Lead to a Clean Chandelier in Your Home

Chandeliers are beautiful pieces of lighting that make them appealing to look at. No wonder then, that they adorn the ceilings of both residential and commercial properties. Available in many intricate varieties, they add grace and charm whether you opt for modern chandelier lighting or a traditional one.

All said and done, it is also essential that you maintain the look and feel of the chandelier every 12-24 months so that it keeps looking brand new and shines bright when you switch on the light. Here is a quick look at how you can clean chandelier in homes. I am sure that these tips will prove to be immensely useful for you:

  • While cleaning the chandeliers, you need to keep safety ahead of everything. The first and the foremost is that the light is switched off. Next, you will need a ladder to access the chandelier.
  • The next step is to get a bucket and fill around 20% full with hot water, then add approximately 5% white vinegar. Now your ready to dip your microfibre cloth (available from most supermarkets and all hardwares) in the mixture. Squeeze your cloth until it's damp, but not dripping and wipe carefully over the crystals. The beauty of adding white vinegar to the mixture is it completely evaporates left over water and leaves the crystals pristine without streaks. 

There are also spays you can buy on the market, however we find that vinegar, warm water & a little elbow grease every 12-24 months will provide a much more effective clean without effecting your electrical and metal components. 

These are some basic steps that you need to follow in order to get a sparkling clean chandelier. Keep visiting this space for more write-ups on chandeliers.