Harmony Ring Chandelier - W:100cm

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PRODUCT WIDTH 100 (cm)  
SUSPENSION Min 40 (cm) Max 200 (cm)
LIGHTS 15 X E14 Bulbs Included
WEIGHT 18 kg approx.
CRYSTALS Diamond Cut™ Clear
LED'S LED Bulbs Available
ASSEMBLY By Installing Electrician
APPROVALS SAA Australian Certified
BRAND Crystocia ®



Life Time Crystal, Structural & Electrical Warranty + 10 Year Frame Finishes Warranty

Lifetime crystal warranty on all Diamond Cut™ Crystal. Supplied as standard on all Crystocia & NewYork Lighting Distribution products.  Market Leading Lifetime Structural & Electrical + 10 Year Frame Finishes Warranty. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee   &   Safe Arrival Guarantee Australia Wide.

Whether you are purchasing locally from our flagship showroom or buying online and having your Designer Chandelier delivered directly to your door, rest assure Designer Chandelier has the experience of supplying 20,000+ premium Chandeliers throughout every corner of Australia, and completed many major commercial projects completed including Crown Casino.  We keep our entire collections in stock in Australia and offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & 100% Safe Delivery Guarantee.  This means we take the responsibility to deliver our products in perfect condition with the piece of mind of our Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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Delivery times are in approx working days  through Toll Ipec door to door specialty courier service (fully insured). We despatch within 1 working day of purchase and email tracking details so you can follow your deliveries progress. We cover Tolls delivery cost to your door except for change of address (re-directs)  Please note while delivery times are accurate most of the time, there are occasions as with any deliveries where they can exceed the above mentioned times by a few days.  


If you require express or overnight delivery we can arrange through DHL overnight service at your cost. Contact us for a quote on 1300 890 225. 

Pickup is also welcome from our head office & distribution center located in Geelong Victoria. 


Our product return rate is less than 1% annually, which is remarkable considering the average retail standard is around 15%. This is a true testimony of our years of experience in supplying only the finest quality crystal lighting products that create pleasant experiences for our clients.

In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with your item for any reason you can return it by following a few simple steps.

1) Email us with your intent to return within 7 days of receiving delivery.

2) Products must be received back within 21 days of original delivery and items must be in original delivered condition and found not to have been installed.

If there is found to be a manufactures fault or issue with the product through no fault of your own we will even cover all delivery and return costs. Please note change of mind returns are assessed as store credits. 

Damage In Transit?

At Designer Chandelier we take full responsibility to deliver your chandelier in perfect condition to your door without exceptions.




 Diamond Cut crystal is produced with full lead and precision cut to perfection. With one of the highest refraction counts on the market it creates a world class sparkle & colour refraction of light.  Crystocia & NewYork Lighting distribution products are produced in Diamond Cut crystal as standard due to it's popular blend of superior quality & reasonable pricing. (all product images are taken in Diamond Cut crystal) 

Diamond Cut also comes with the piece of mind of a Life Time Warranty & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



Asfour crystal is an Egyptian crystal manufacture company that produces crystal pieces under its own name. The company produces clear and coloured 30% full lead crystals for diverse uses including lighting, accessories, fashion pieces, chandeliers, figurines and special projects.

All of our products are available in Asfour at no additional cost.

Note: No promotional discounts are available for custom production, please allow 2-3 weeks for completion from time of deposit received. 




Spectra (lead free) reliable quality, machine cut crystal by Swarovski. As the basic line for the lighting sector it offers the most important cuts in clear crystal, undergoes stringent quality control and is responsibly produced.
Swarovski Spectra is a medium range of crystal offered by Swarovski to the mass market and is not to be confused with genuine Swarovski Elements laser engraved crystal.

All of our chandeliers are available in Swarovski Spectra Crystal.  Swarovski Spectra is generally double the price of Diamond Cut® & Asfour crystals. Contact for a quote. 




Swarovski Elements crystal is Swarovski's premium signature crystal. This is the crystal that gives Swarovski the world wide reputation of being the No1 crystal manufacture in the world. Each and every Swarovski Elements crystal is engraved with the Swarovski Elements logo to ensure authenticity. 
We offer all of our exclusive ranges in Swarovski Elements options.  Swarovski Elements can cost up to three times the price of Diamond Cut & Asfour crystals. Contact us for a quote. 

DIAMOND CUT (Left)                       SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ® (Right)



Small Chandeliers
Small chandeliers usually have a width of 60cm or less and are suitable for secondary bedrooms, en suites, narrow hallways, above bedside tables & in sequence over kitchen island benches.
Medium Chandeliers
Medium chandeliers usually have a width of 60cm - 90cm and are suitable for master bedrooms, entrances, hallways, lounge & dining rooms. 
Large Chandeliers
Large chandeliers usually have a width of 90 - 125cm and are suitable in larger entrances, grande dining & lounge rooms as well as some staircase & void areas. 
Grande Chandeliers
Grande chandeliers usually have a width of 125 - 200cm and are suitable for grande entrances, large residential voids, hotel lobbies & ballrooms. 
(Generally chandelier overall sizes are determined by the chandeliers width, the exception to the below size ratings are void & staircase chandeliers that can be equally categorized by height due to shapes required to fill void areas)

When choosing a suitable size chandelier it is important to consider your ceiling heights.  In walkway areas your ceiling heights may restrict the size and style of chandelier you can select, however there is far less consideration for ceiling heights when the selected chandelier is being installed over dining & coffee tables, kitchen island benches & beds.  We have listed ceiling heights below as a guideline to assist you in choosing a suitable size chandelier for your height ceiling.

(based on installations where you will walk directly under the chandelier) If installing over a coffee, dining table, kitchen island bench or bed please continue reading below).
          2.4m (Lowest Standard Ceiling)
This allows you a maximum drop of 30cm from your ceiling which will give you a 210cm clearance from the ground up. Generally flush mount chandeliers are preferred in 2.4m ceilings when areas that will be walked under. Some pendant chandeliers will still work if being positioned over kitchen island benches, dining tables or beds. 
2.7m (Slightly Raised Ceiling)
This allows you a maximum drop of 60cm from your ceiling which will give you a 210cm clearance from the ground up.  (in walk way areas only)
3.0m (Raised Ceilings)
This allows you a maximum drop of 90cm from your ceiling which will give you a 210cm clearance from the ground up.
3.3m (Raised and Popular Height for Vintage Buildings)
This allows you a maximum drop of 120cm from your ceiling which will give you a 210cm clearance from the ground up.
Keep in mind canopies ( the bell shaped cover that attaches to the ceiling) adds additional height to the chandeliers size and range from 10cm to 20cm depending on the design of chandelier.  This height is reflected in the "minimum suspension" part of the product specs. 

Width of your chandelier always comes down to personal taste, however we suggest not to be too conservative in the width and always remember that crystal chandeliers were not made to be conservative or just to simply blend into the background. The whole purpose of your crystal chandelier is to add a touch of luxury and create a statement for the chosen area. 

The idea of placing a feature chandelier over a Dining Table or Kitchen Island Bench is to create a great wow factor without loosing any functionality in that area. When you install a chandelier over a table or bench it should always have the perfect balance between the ceiling and the bench / table top. If you create this perfect balance it will look complete without needing any additional features such as vases or flowers in the center, yet still have a perfectly clear vision when sitting down to enjoy the company of your family and friends.

As an example, if you have 2.4m ceilings and your table height is 90cm off the ground, it will leave you with a space of 150cm from the top of the table to the ceiling, simply divide that in half (75cm) which gives you the appropriate size and total hanging height for the chandelier.


If you are looking for a chandelier as a feature in an Open Void, Double Story Entrance or Staircase area you need to make sure you choose something of appropriate size as these areas are quick to swallow up light fittings, so in these scenarios, the bigger the better!

There are many different shapes and styles of void areas, however we will try and cover as many as possible below.

Open Void- Open Void Area's generally consist of a two story open area which in some cases have staircases on either side. This environment is great for crystal chandeliers as there are no obstacles to get in the way of you choosing something that will make a generous feature that your area deserves. The ideal position for the bottom crystal on your chandelier to hang is around 20cm above the second floor level so it creates impact from upstairs as well as downstairs.

Double height Entrance- two words, FIRST IMPRESSIONS! When you walk into the entrance of your home the first thing that you will see is the chandelier. Make sure you choose a chandelier with decent proportions to create the perfect statement as soon as you walk through the entrance.

Staircase Landing- Chandeliers that hang over your staircase are still the ideal place to hang a crystal chandelier as it can complement and enhance your staircase. If the chandelier is to hang over the staircase above the landing, measure the distance between the ceiling at the top of landing, then minus 220cm off your measurement and that will give you the perfect height for your chandelier to hang.

The Designer Chandelier Story

Designer Chandeliers by Designer Chandelier™

Founder Daniel Feldman comes from a rich heritage of chandelier design & manufacture. His family owned one of Australia’s only chandelier manufacturing companies for over 40 years which specialised in manufacturing premium custom made Swarovski crystal chandeliers for the domestic & international market.

Daniel and his brothers worked manufacturing premium chandeliers in the family business for many years until their father retired in 2002. Daniel having a great passion for chandelier design & development decided to continue the family legacy and created his own chandelier company.

Designer Chandelier was established in 2003 and quickly developed a reputation for supplying exceptional designer chandeliers at direct prices to the Australian market.

With many years of hard work and dedication and Designer Chandelier has grown substantially to now offer the largest independent collection of crystal chandeliers in the southern hemisphere with hundreds of chandeliers being delivered every week direct to clients homes and businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Tasmania. 

Designer Chandelier also benefits from being the largest Australian agents for both NewYork Lighting distribution and Crystocia™ chandeliers respectively. With over 10,000 chandeliers warehoused here in Australia our products are ready for immediate delivery and we always have a full selection of parts in the rare event of any damage during transit or installation. 

Our design and development background accompanied with our strong relationship with our suppliers also gives Designer Chandelier the capability arrange custom changes to our entire collections to suit our clients exact requirements if required.  

Daniel continues to lead the talented Designer Chandelier team, with his brother Nathan joining as acting GM in 2015. Nathan brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of technical, supply, and distribution solutions. His skills and dedication ensure all day to day operations and clients needs are always taken care of to the highest of standards.

Whether you are purchasing locally from our flagship showroom or buying online and having your designer chandelier delivered to your door, rest assure Designer Chandelier has the experience of supplying over 20,000 premium chandeliers to every corner of Australia and completed many major commercial projects including Crown Casino.

Our flagship showroom is conveniently located on the ground floor of Australia’s tallest building Eureka Tower in Southbank Melbourne.  

The Designer Chandelier Story 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits Designer Chandelier Australia.