A lantern chandelier is a type of chandelier that is designed in the shape of a lantern or a box-like structure. It features a framework typically made of metal or another sturdy material, with panels of glass or other transparent materials enclosing the light sources within. Lantern chandeliers draw inspiration from traditional lantern designs and often have a rustic or vintage charm.

Customers buy the Lantern chandeliers for several reasons:

Lantern chandeliers are popular choices for various spaces, including entryways, foyers, hallways, and dining areas. They add a touch of charm, warmth, and character to the space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Lantern chandeliers are particularly favored in rustic, farmhouse, or traditional interior designs, but they can also be used as contrasting elements in contemporary or eclectic settings.

Shapes of Lantern Chandeliers:

Lantern chandeliers come in various shapes, although they all share the common feature of a lantern-like structure. Here are some of the common shapes you may find. Rectangular Lantern, Square Lantern, Cylinder Lantern, Hexagonal Lantern and Open Cage Lantern.

How to Choose a Chandelier:

Room size and ceiling height: Select a chandelier that is proportionate to the room size and ceiling height. Consider the dimensions of the space to ensure the chandelier fits appropriately.

Size and scale: Consider the appropriate size of the chandelier based on the room dimensions and the desired visual impact. A general guideline is to select a chandelier that is approximately one-third to one-half the width of the room.

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