What's hot in the bedroom?


Bedside lamps our out and pendants and wall sconces are in.

Pendants and wall sconces add a very different feel to your bedroom and enhance the room and leave your bedside table free of clutter.

Long pendants on either sides of the bed that match your décor are neat in appearance and practical. The Length of the pendants will depend on your ceiling height, your bedroom furniture and whether they are being used as an added feature for the room or reading lights. You may also place your pendants in a little further from each side of the bedhead.

Wall Sconces beside the bedhead.

Wall sconces on either side of the bedhead will leave the room with warmth and softness added to your bedroom. Wall Sconces in the bedroom allow for easy access to lighting, whilst leaving your bedside side free from lamps-that can take away the look you are trying to create.

Unlike bedside lamps, Pendants and wall sconces will not protrude into the room but will work in well with décor and are set in the background of your bedroom scene.