What style of chandelier is suitable for your decor?

Choosing a style of chandelier can be a very different experience to choosing a style of furniture or door fixtures. Many furniture and door fixtures have a particular style for different periods like Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco ect... However Crystal Chandeliers have had timeless styles that have been used to compliment all of these period styles. This means that if you are purchasing a crystal chandelier for any traditional period house it really will come down to personal taste on whether you think it is going to be the perfect style for your house.

Sometimes it is nice to have a uniformed look throughout your house if you want to match the finish of the chandelier to the finish in your door handles, tap wear or staircase railing ect..

Purchasing a contemporary crystal chandelier for a modern environment is one of the most spectacular things you could do as it adds that touch of glamour and brings warmth back into an area that can otherwise look stark. You can either choose a contemporary / modern crystal lighting design which will continue that modern look throughout your house, or you can mix it up abit and choose a traditional style chandelier to add a classy look. The choice is yours!

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