Wall Sconces


The easiest way to add more lighting to your home without it costing a fortune.

Do you have downlights everywhere but wish you had a few delicate or modern pieces of lighting in your home.

Add a few wall sconces and see the difference a couple of wall sconces will make to your rooms/hallways/bedroom/stairwells and even the bathroom.

Wall sconces in the dining room will add elegance and a point of interest where there may not be room for art on small wall panels.

Along your stairwells can create a subtle lighting, it will also enhance your existing chandelier and stairs.

In a darkened hallway will light up your path and add sparkle.

When sconces are added to bathrooms they can add much needed light for beside mirrors.




Our Wall sconce prices start at just $116.00

Jet Black Bohemian Wall Sconce - Single Arm

Jet Black Bohemian Wall Sconce - Single Arm

One arm, two arm Or three arm sconces

AMERICANA 2 Light Wall Sconce - Victorian - Antique Bronze StyleBohemian Elegance Triple Arm Wall Light Sconce - CHROME

In traditional or a vast variety with modern scones.

Modular Wall Sconce Light - Round - CHROME


Modular Wall Sconce Light - Round - CHROME

French Basket Wall Sconce Light - Antique SILVER- W:15cm