So you need Lighting?

The new house has just about finished or the renovation is just coming to fruition. Oh no... the LIGHTS!!!!

Oh no... the budget!!!

Why do we complete a beautiful home yet we don’t spend much time on the lighting or we skimp on lighting as the budget won’t allow us to go a little further.

When choosing lighting for our new home the lighting should reflect your room’s best features. Lighting is even more important than carpets/flooring/curtains. Without the right lighting you won’t feel you have achieved the look you want or were trying to encapsulate.

Lighting tends never to be changed, so why choose anything less than your home needs to bring out its best features. If you stay in your new home for even 10 years, 10 years’ worth of lighting that may cost around $5,000 for the whole house works out to $500 a year that lighting has cost you.

Come in and see us with your floor plans, show us your pictures of the new renovation on your phone. Show us your new kitchen. No room is more important than a new kitchen. Kitchens need great lighting not just simple lighting. Kitchens are the heart of the home make it so with pendants of crystal over the bench no just boring old downlights.

We can help you. We will work within your budget.

You may want one chandelier as a statement or one just to enhance that new renovation or you may choose lighting for the whole house. Whatever the reason you will find what you are looking for and you will admire your Chandeliers for a long time to come. Trends come and go but Chandeliers don’t date and are always on trend with any style of home.