Melbourne Times Article - Arnold Schwarzenegger - Designer Chandelier Melbourne

Arnold Schwarzenegger lights up Melbourne

Tim Doutre

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Arnold Schwarzenegger may be scouting Melbourne for a new movie.

The Terminator star was in town for the Arnold Classic Australia Fitness Expo event over the weekend and has delighted Melburnians with random appearances across the city.

The former Governer of California was spotted in Southbank where he visited a Melbourne chandelier store on Saturday.

Daniel Feldman, owner of Designer Chandelier in Southbank, said he was “surprised, delighted and more than a little star struck” when the renowned movie star strolled through the doors of his store.

Schwarzenegger dropped in unexpectedly with a large entourage, including six bodyguards, to check out the store’s chandeliers, Mr Feldman said.

“As you can imagine, I was really a bit star struck to unexpectedly have a famous Hollywood star drop into our store,” Mr Feldman said.

“[He was] very friendly, very well mannered and down to earth."

Schwarzenegger told Mr Feldman he had driven past the store several times and felt compelled to stop in for a look.

Schwarzenegger also discussed the possibility of filming an action scene at the store, saying he wanted to drive a car through the showroom window which features numerous large chandeliers.

Mr Feldman’s response?

“Are you kidding? It’s the Terminator! Arnold - I’d actually let you drive a car through my shop window.”

So the Terminator has officially or unofficially scoped out Melbourne for an action scene.

The big question is: will he be back?