Making an impact with a lower ceiling

Making an impact with your Pendant Chandeliers in a small space or lower ceiling such as 2.4 metres

Hang Pendants a little different by hanging a few Pendants at different Lengths for maximum impact.

By using different sized Pendants or the same size will give the same unique effect, make it your own.

Not much room for a chandelier or wanting to make a different statement.

Pendants can be used in almost every room and double them at different heights for a unique style.

Above a kitchen table, double up your pendants so you don’t take away from the room.

Above a kitchen bench that might be a smaller bench or you may have a ceiling at 2.4/2.7 but you would like to create an amazing effect.

Double up your pendants in the centre of the bench at different lengths.

A Small room can take 2 or 3 pendants hung at different lengths to give your small lounge that wow factor without being too much.

Pendants are well priced and certainly don’t break any budget.

Double up Pendants in Bedrooms, Bathrooms and a study or even a small entrance.

Double up your pendants to give any room a lot of sparkle at a small price.

Modular Crystal Pendant - Round 13cm by 25cm


Modular Single Light Pendant - Round - Height 25cm - Chrome Fixtures

Priced at only $259.00- 25%=$194.25

Double up our Modular Pendant Round Chandelier over a kitchen bench and see how quickly a kitchen can be transformed with very little effort.