Kitchen Lighting: The Right Way to do it

Kitchen Lighting: The Right Way to do it

Kitchen Lighting: The Right Way to do it

Sprawling island benches, custom joinery, natural stone, these are the trends of kitchens today; but what about Designer Lighting? What lighting is best to feature in a kitchen? While down lights are a simple choice, another option is two to three 10-60cm chandeliers or pendant lights. Chandeliers like these Orbs give off plenty of light and elevate the ‘heart of the home’ to make that perfect first impression. 

What is so clever and beautiful about this design is how classic it is, while also tying in modern colourings of medium to dark greys. The Silver Plated Hampton Orb works well here because it picks up and bounces light from the walls; lightening the space, and working within the rest of the open plan living room. The broad bench top means the lights are well and truly out of head height and remain a decorative and distinctive feature of this kitchen, inviting you in to take up a seat.

Styling Tips:

Measure your Island Benches and work out how you'll use them. Think of what will work with the rest of your tap wares and fixtures, will they be chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, or black? 

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  • Daniel Feldman