Chandeliers for Crown Perth Hotel

Vanity Scones, Dining Pendants, & Corridor Lighting for Crown Perth Hotel

Brilliant Lighting Pieces Trusted by Major Brands

At Designer Chandelier, we’ve worked with a number of prominent clients including L’Oreal, Target, Myer and the University of Sydney. An assortment of dazzling chandeliers has graced the halls of these premises to add a touch of luxury and refinement, and we are proud to be Australia’s first choice when it comes to high quality chandeliers that captivate and mesmerise.

Clients love coming to us because we offer an extensive range of chandeliers within our range. We are the store of choice for lighting and chandeliers of all varieties, and carry an impressive collection of the exquisite and hotly coveted Swarovski and Diamond Cut crystal chandeliers.

Crown Perth Hotel Fit-Out

We are proud to announce that Designers Chandelier are working with Crown Perth to establish a new range of lighting to fit out their 450 room complex. We are delighted that Crown Perth approached us specifically to provide lighting fixtures that will complement and fit the aesthetics of the beautiful luxury entertainment hub.

Located on the banks of the iconic Swan River and overlooking the Perth city skyline, Crown Metropol offers an exciting destination for world-class dining, entertainment and luxury accommodation in Perth. They are located only 15 minutes from the International and Domestic airports and within walking distance of the Perth CBD, making them the ideal choice for business and leisure travellers to reside in while in Perth.

Elegant Pickings for a Luxury Hotel

Plush furnishings, spacious halls and rooms, state-of-the-art facilities, as well as an abundance of natural light, make Crown Perth Hotel’s visage one of elegance and understated luxury. We are thrilled to be a part of this project, to design and furnish their elegant spaces with gorgeous lighting fixtures that reflect and enhance Crown’s sophisticated demeanour.

Vanity Sconces

Designer Chandeliers is helping develop with Crown Perth's talented team the bathrooms decorative lighting requirements. We are supplying customized elegant vanity sconces that illuminate the style and chic surroundings of the interiors, enhancing the sense of luxury that embodies Crown’s vision. Guests will be wowed by our selection of wall sconces, making their visit an even more memorable experience.

Dining Pendants

The new dining pendants are another feature that will add to the magnificence of the hotel’s dining halls. As Crown Perth Hotel is known for its exquisite dining scene, it is only fitting to complement these settings with equally dazzling pendants to complete the look.

Corridor Lighting

We have also been working with Crowns talented design team to help create lighting fixtures for Crown Perth Hotel’s airy corridors. Our corridor lighting will not only match the themes of Crown’s interiors, it will also enhance the experience for hotel guests and visitors, creating an elegant and breathtaking spectacle.

Excitement Awaits

We are proud and excited to work with Crown Perth on there new lighting fixtures. As we have been developing these new designs and layouts for the past 6 months, we simply cannot wait for the big reveal that is set to happen in 2015. Be sure to visit Crown Perth Hotel when they open to hopefully see our work in this glamorous location!