Aurora: New Arrivals in Contemporary lighting

The latest to the Designer Chandelier Catalogue, the ‘Aurora’ collection will be available In-Store and Online from August 2018. Diamond Cut® crystal prisms are presented in a sophisticated geometric pattern, with the frame itself triple chrome plated. Wall sconces, pendant chandeliers, oval bar lights and halo ring chandeliers are some of the different types of lighting available within the collection.

The styling of this home, featuring the Aurora Pendant Chandelier Width: 53cm focuses on Colour and Line to meet its contemporary brief. Here the lighting choice is inclusive and welcoming. The use of a single light over the coffee table helps to distinguish the space from other common areas. Parted from the kitchen and dining room by a dividing wall and feature fireplace, the living room is styled in neutral greys, mocha, taupe and blush, with the only metallic being introduced through the choice of lighting fixture. One of the fantastic things about this chrome pendant with crystal, compared to a pendant without, is how it will refract the light that beams in from those stunning bi-fold doors. The Aurora is a simple yet bold hero statement to any contemporary space.