4 Common Chandelier Types for a Contemporary Home


There are so many steps that we take in order to deck our homes in the best way possible. Sometimes, it also costs us truckloads of money, especially when we want to change or remodel the interiors. But do you know, that even by giving your home a wee bit of touch up can work wonders and will not even burn a hole in your pocket. One of the ways to do this is by adding contemporary chandelier lighting.

Here are some common chandelier types, which will pave the way for you in this direction and help you take an informed decision. Go through them to get a better perspective:


  • Glass chandeliers - As the name implies, these are made from glass and come in all sorts of styles and designs. Because glass is a versatile material, it is easy to clean and maintain regularly. Also, these are the perfect contemporary chandelier for homes.
  • Beaded chandeliers – You can also avail beaded chandeliers, which are thoroughly covered in beads. Available in a number of shapes, sizes and colours, these lend a unique touch to your living rooms. Depending on the decor, you can opt for heavily beaded ones or the lighter ones.
  • Drum chandeliers – These are sleek chandeliers and arrive in a cylindrical shape. These are often accompanied by shades that produce a softer light. These are ideal when you want warm hues of light in different corners of your home.
  • Crystal chandeliers – These are one of the most famous kind of chandeliers and are made of crystals. These can come with candles as well as bulbs and sparkle brilliantly no matter where you use them.

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  • Daniel Feldman